Monday, March 29, 2010

Meta Tag

I have explained how quick google blog entry in the past, and now I'll explain it quickly into google blog more sepesifikasi. Actually, so fast is easy, you just work them really - really like what I explained at that time, but you want the fastest?, If you want the fastest you have to give a little extra power and outsmart your blog with a meta tag.
Immediately, I explain how to put meta tags and what meta tags, meta tags types and how to install it in your blog.

Meta tags are information inserted in the head area that provides important information to the robot or a search engine index of web page blog / web us.

Type of Meta Tags 
I understand there are 3 types of meta tags is contained in:

Description Meta Tag Description is a meta tag that explains or describes the whole of our blog. Meta Tag is
a very important role, because usually when someone does a search on google, then that will come out is the blog's title, description, and your blog address. Ex: you write a quick blog entry how to google, then:

Keywords Keywords Meta Tag is a meta tag containing the words - the keyword / key contained in our blog. His role is very great, because every word in your blog is in keywords would be considered important by Google. His role can be seen if you write Ex: blog quickly into google.
In blogging, you should plan what keywords are relevant to your blog, because his role is to determine your position in search engines.

Robots Robots Meta Tag is a special meta tag is used for search engine robots will index all your blog. Meta tag serves to direct the robots to explore all the relevant links in our blog, or vice versa. His role is very important, because it also determines your blog to blog dofollow or nofollow.

Meta Tag Code 

Meta Description
Common Types Code meta description is as follows: This content='Blog <meta describes how blogging' name='description'/>
Being a description Blog Title Blog <meta content='data:blog.pageTitle + "Blog describes how blogging' name='description'/>

Meta Keyword Code meta keywords are as follows: Common Types <meta content='duit, blog tutorial, make money, get rich quick ='keywords'/> Being Blog Title Keywords <meta content='data:blog.pageTitle + "duit, blog tutorial, make money, get rich quick ='keywords'/>

Meta Robots Robots meta code is as follows: Tag Do follow <meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/> Tag No follow <meta content='INDEX, NOFOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/>

Description: Green writing that you please replace it with a description of your blog. Blue writing that you please replace with keywords related to your blog.

How to Insert Code To The Blog

Step One, please go to the layout, then to edit html.
The second step, please copy the code description meta tags that I have given.
The third step please paste this code above the code below <head> code or above code <b:skin> <! [CDATA [/ *, like the example below:

Step into the four-copy code and put appropriate keywords in the code description, and use the same way the robots meta tag. Place just below the keyword.

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