Monday, March 29, 2010

How To Get Blog Entry google

The trick is as follows:
1. Keep Post
Once you register with search engines like google and yahoo, you try to continue updating your blog posts - latest post and made your own course. Do not then after you register on google you simply stop updating your blog because they feel satisfied. Try just 1 day or setiap1 article 2 days, and I think certainly it is not difficult if only 1 article per day is not it?. You need to know, google is very fond of diligent blog updates and neglected, because the type - the type of blogs are considered active tersebutlah by google.
Blogwalking is the term / title of the act of visiting other friends blogs. Blogwalking very important, because with blogwalking to neighbors - our neighbors we will have visitors. People who perform acts usually blogwalking shoutmix write in the box and it can attract more visitors, because the box always looks striking shoutmix. Essentially your blog will be crowded and if the blog is often visited by other people, then you will be quickly indexed by google.
3.Link Exchange
Link exchange is the exchange of links that are on both sides agree. Cthnya if you ask to exchange links with me, then you should put my blog address on your premises and vice versa. Even so, sometimes there is also a sure put a link back in place, and you do not scold or be forced. You just reminded again, and be patient because if the person had a good etikat it will put your link back.
Comments are spreading action to comment on various blogs. Try to choose blogs that do follow that have a high Page Rank. Why is that?, Because you will get free links from these blogs. Different from the tebar blogwalking you have to write comments directly below the comments box (not shoutmix). Write politely requests that you expect feedback and comments back from the blog owner and do not write posting spam pitched. Do not be worried or upset if the blog owner does not respond to your comments are important because you have put on the blog comments and links you have installed.

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