Monday, April 26, 2010

All the seo techniques contained in your blog

For the First Time after created a blog / website that need to be considered are the following:

1. Notice Title or headline your blog. Customize your Title / Title with keywords that will be your optimization:

    <html xmlns="" dir="ltr" lang="en-US">

    <head profile="">

    <title> all about blogging </ title>

2. Keyword Tags Determine appropriate contents of your blog. Examples are as follows:

    <meta name="keywords" content="seo, meta tags, submit blog" />

3. Specify Description Tag for your blog. Examples are as follows:

    <meta name="description" content="tips of blogging experince" />

4. Create Navigate to your blog or website as young as possible and not to get the error. (Little influence, but necessary)

If the issues above have been carried out it is time optimization in terms of how to write using SEO techniques is as follows:

1. Title or title of posting at least give a big hand in the index in the Search Engine.

2. Keep in Every article you create, the optimization of keywords that will be entered in the first 250 words.

3. Use Bold, Italic, quotes, <h1> </ h1>, Underline, color difference is very influential in the optimization Optimization of a keyword.

4. Number of Posts and Page on a particular topic, greatly affect the index of the topic.

5. If you use WordPress you should always fill Tags according to the topics and keywords that would in the optimization.

After making a site, then your post has been conducted. It is now enrolled at the Search Engine techniques, social bookmarking and site directory:

1. Please Submit your site here on Search engines Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

2. Register On Social Bookmark kinds technoratti, digg, etc.

Sign Off Page Seo Content (All SEO techniques which is beyond the website)

1. Link Exchange. The link is considered by Google and other search engines are text-shaped links. Not the picture and others.

2. Give the right Anchor Text when tukeran link or give a backlink in your article is already long. What is anchor text you can see in articles about paid reviews.

3. Advertising on a site that visitors awesome and her big PR.

4. ads on Google Adsense, adbrite, etc..

5. Advertising on free classifieds. But remember, do not ad domain a direct line to the 200 ads in one time. You will be considered spamming by Search Engines.

6. Review your new site with your site is already famous. Like this blog for example vacancy.

7. Oneway Backlink existence (backlinks in one direction) to the article that has the same topic, a very big influence to you at the Search Engine Index.


  1. I will try then
    "Create Navigate to your blog or website". Does it mean that we have to create a site map ??


  2. please give me a sample of your problems?