Thursday, January 21, 2010

tips increase visitors

1.  Use the domain name easy to remember

If you want to increase traffic, try to have their own domain name.If you want your site or blog with great success, so the first time you should look is your name. Same with if you want to be a celebrity, your name should be easy to remember.Which is more easily remembered by you:So now the question which is more easily remembered by visitors to your site? And which would they prefer to visit? "which in turn will create higher traffic"
Therefore, try to have an own domain. The visitors will tend to remember the name short and they would prefer to visit sites that have a short name.
"Do not let them run away just because a site / blog that is too long"

2. Write articles columns

The definition of pillar articles are articles that serve as a "pillar / buffer" your site traffic.These articles are usually an article of type "list", such as traffic Increase 10 Tips, 5 Best Technology Blog, Definition of Internet Marketing, and the like.These types of columns such articles will attract traffic like a magnet attract iron, because people will always find articles like this. People always need information about the definition of a thing, or the best 10 list for xxxxxxx or the like.

Different with articles about personal experience, people are not too interested in articles like that. May be interested, but will be forgotten - and eventually no longer visited, and not referenced to others.The bottom line: the articles are always looking for people and make others want to visit several times PLUS spread to others.

3. diligently to update postings

One of the most important tips to increase the number of visits to your blog is to write often.People will be happy to visit your blog if they always get a new article, the fresh, fresh. They will not like it, even disappointed, if it comes to your blog and just treated to the articles of the old.It was probably like a stale fish served.So if you want your site to have loyal readers, who regularly visited, frequently update your blog. My suggestion, at least 2-3 days there must be a new article. Or, if you can every day even better.

4. Often commented

To get traffic to your blog, one of the other ways that can be used is often commented on the blog someone else.By the time you write comments on the blogs of others, of course you will be asked for the URL (address) of website / blog you are, right? Well, from where traffic will come.Make sure you enter your blog URL correctly, or the URL of blog posts you want to promote it right.I think personally, that this effect is small, but worth a try.

5. Use FeedBurner

To increase traffic to your blog, one of the other tips you can do is to utilize the services of advantage of free services from to increase the number of RSS readers of your blog, or even to facilitate readers who want to enjoy your blog via email. And the results for every post I can get tens and even hundreds of readers in an instant (and free).

6. Submit your article to Social Bookmark

Do not underestimate the power of viral marketing!Submit your articles to various social bookmarking services like or or to increase your traffic.Every time someone made searching a topic in accordance with the articles you submit to these sites, you have the opportunity to get additional free traffic visitors. Share your entri to social bookmarking.

7. Optimization SEO

Get many more free traffic from SEO!
Learn SEO (not described in this article) and applied to your blog / site, and even for the pages on your site / blog. Traffic from these highly qualified SEO and targeted, and 100% free.
My experience personally, for some domains that I have, I can produce about 300-400 visitors per day for free just by relying on SEO alone. Free traffic, free money.
So, you do not waste.

8. Create popular article

A simple trick that can make your blog a visit is to create abundant post with the title (and contents) are concerned with a thing that was a "trend" in the community.
By writing an article related to an event that is popular, you may be attracted many links from other blogs or even a high position on search engines (eg google) for keyword-related news articles (because there is no other blogs that discuss) .
In the end, you can increase traffic dramatically.

9. Exchanging links

Old-fashioned way? Eits, do not be underestimated. Although the link exchange look ancient, but I see for yourself that this is very effective.
My blogs can get several hundred (not hundreds) of new visitors a day just from the results of exchange links with many other blogs.If you are really serious business, do not waste even a single visitor. For a visitor who knows what you consider "trivial" (not so significant) is precisely the visitors who "took money" for you.
Never underestimate the little things. "Blog Walking"

10.  Place an ad

As a last resort, if you are not talented in a variety of free promotion, or you need instant results that normally can not be achieved through free traffic, my suggestion is: put an ad.
You can use various means of advertising, ranging from PPC Text, up banners. Starting from a particular network to handle ads (like Google Adwords, KumpulBlogger) or advertising on personal blogs of others.This last way to be honest a bit expensive, but if you can use it well (traffiknya mennjadi play money), noproblem. It would not hurt to advertise a few thousand if they received the results of several million.


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